Thursday, June 14, 2012

We Have a Slideshow!! (Oh, and hi again!)

Oh Hive, how I've missed you!  Can you believe it's been five whole months since my last post here?  Or that I got married seven months ago and I've barely had anything yet to show for it?  This time has flown by, full of so many changes and great new opportunities that I can hardly keep track of them.  One interesting thing I've learned about myself through all of this is that, once I'm finished with a particular project, I move on really quickly.  Like, immediately quickly.  Before our wedding I had all these aspirations of coming back and writing about details that I didn't have time to cover beforehand, but it turns out that we got back from our honeymoon and I just really wasn't interested in talking about our wedding any more.  The celebration itself was amazing and wonderful and even better than I had imagined, for sure.  Yet also...  I have been more than happy to apply my superior planning skills to all the things that come next for us.

BUT lest you worry that I was planning to disappear (Were you really worried about that?  I would never do that to you!), I'm back now with something I think you'll be really excited about.  Yes, the Ferris Wheels finally have our slideshow in hand!  As if that wasn't thrilling enough (Because you are thrilled, right?!), getting our slideshow means that we will soon have our disc of images as well.  If you think you're hearing the first faint strains of impending recaps, you are entirely correct!  I can't promise when they'll happen, but I can definitely promise that they will happen.

I know, you can barely contain yourself in your chair right now.  :-)  I'm excited, too.  So, if you can forgive me for being so absent lately, I'd like to share this little treat with you from our fabulous photographers Paco + Betty.  Hope you love it as much as we do.

Mmm... makes me so warm and fuzzy every time I watch it (and I've watched it a lot).

Now that you remember what our wedding design looked like, is there any particular project you'd like to hear me talk more about?  I'm totally willing to entertain requests, I just love y'all that much!  So happy to be back!