Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Talking Cake (aka Reason #25,000,001 Why I Love Mr. FW)

Tonight I came home after a long day at work and I headed to the kitchen to get some water.  I mindlessly opened the fridge, and this is the scene that greeted me.  (Please, oh please, read on past the picture because this is seriously hilarious.)

Completely unbeknownst to me, Mr. FW had taken it upon himself to whip up a sample cake for our dessert buffet because he knew it was important to me that we not serve our guests untested recipes.  What happened next is apparently best narrated by the cake itself.

Dear Ms. Ferris Wheel,

In case you couldn't tell (and there's a good chance you couldn't), I am a cake.  I am shockingly poorly put together.  It would be a great mistake to underestimate the utter lack of sturdiness in my construction.  I was virtually pieced together from crumbs as the maniac baker laughed and laughed at his lack of skill.  In all seriousness though, the idiot forgot to grease the pan.  You of the baking elite can imagine, I'm sure, what it was like to get my inners out of the pans.  Not pretty, let me tell you.

Nonetheless, the (un)baker's intentions in this little experiment were noble, and should still hold true.  He knew you wanted to be able to taste some of the products before the wedding, and you wanted them to have a homemade look (but not in their lack of professional appearance - he didn't get the memo on that one).  He had this idea to find simple recipes that communicate homemade (read: vanilla bean frosting) and combine them with simple box cakes (who knew that's the part he'd screw up?  Unbelievable).  He chose four recipes and aims to bake one a day for you to take to work (this one, of course, should never see the light of day, but hopefully this was a lesson learned). 

The person who made me hopes this eases some of your worries (he is aware of the irony, also, of producing a terrible looking item, which is a large part of your worry, but instructs you not to worry about that part, because the cakes have been assigned to you and your mother.  If he screws up the cookies, then you may proceed to worry about that too).  He also says that if you don't like this one, he is happy to try again with another recipe.  He is also happy to abandon this project should you be too horrified for him to continue.  Finally, he wants you to know that the pictures of me online were beautiful.

He sends his love.  Be careful when/if you cut into me.  I will very likely implode.

- White cake with vanilla bean frosting

I love that man.  'Nuff said.

What's the most recent falling-in-love-all-over-again moment shared by you and your partner (even if one of you wasn't technically present)?

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