Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rehearsal Plans and Rhyming Words

Apparently the theme of my posts lately is "Ms. FW brags about Mr. FW's amazingness."  So to continue with that theme, I'd like to tell you about how instrumental Mr. FW was in creating our super fun rehearsal dinner invites.  It started when we were both standing in line at Michael's (so we could have two separate transactions and thus use two separate 40% off coupons - obvs) and he wandered over to the $1 bargain section, where he picked up the cutest little silverware set rubber stamp.  He suggested that it might be nice to emboss this little knife, fork, and spoon design onto the back of whatever rehearsal dinner invite we chose.  Of course I was all for that, so we snapped up the stamp and then went looking for a coordinating invite.

We fell in love with this design from Invitation Consultants.  (FYI... we were really happy with the quality of these invites.  The paper has a slight sheen to it that feels very luxe, and they are printed in color on both sides.  Also awesome was that we snagged a $10 off coupon from Retail Me Not!)

Now let me direct your eye to the truly amazing part.  See, Mr. FW is an incredible wordsmith (seriously, he can make anything sound good) so he had no trouble coming up with the most adorable rhyme to set the tone for our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

before the knot's tied come help set the mood
we're ready to celebrate with drinks and Thai food

at our rehearsal dinner we'd like you to be
if for no other reason than because it is free

Smooth Thai is in the lobby of the Parc 55
casual dress will match the laid-back vibe

we'll eat at 6PM on the tenth of november
and we hope it will be a night to remember

so please come and join us on the eve of our day
and know that we love you more than we can say!

You're impressed, right?  Yeah, me too.  He also decided to include these little personalized timelines for each person we were mailing the invitation to, so they would know exactly when and where to show up for the rehearsal part of the day.

Then we packaged them up, did a little embossing, slapped on our favorite celebration stamps, and they were ready to go.  (Of course, this was after the font freak in me insisted we find an address font that was similar to the invitation title font - because I just knew we already had one and it made me feel so good to see what a near perfect match they were.  All that, even though I knew rationally not a single guests would ever notice the fonts.  Nope, that level of detail-consciousness was just for me!)

And that makes one more project off the to-do list, courtesy of Mr. FW.  What would I do without him?

Did you do a rehearsal, complete with invitations and everything?  Honestly we didn't really expect to, but I guess it's happening now whether we like it or not!  :-)

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