Thursday, September 8, 2011

Floral Avoidance and Uncertainty Run Amok

Let's talk about our floral alternatives, also known as the self-created wedding dilemma that is so unreasonably stressful to think about that I avoid it at all costs.  Previously I told you that I'm torn about how we're incorporating floral elements into our wedding.  Well, I still haven't resolved this particular conflict so I'm turning to the hive for some much-needed perspective.

Here's the deal: yes, we like the look of wedding party members carrying bouquets and we fully intend(ed) to go that route.  But...  we're a little over two months out and I still haven't started any of it.  I plan to make a bouquet for myself no matter what, but I don't know exactly how long it will take to make one, much less six or seven of them.  I'm seriously considering the possibility that this might be one of those times where I've bitten off more DIY than I can chew.  It's okay, I can admit that it happens sometimes.  (But not often, of course.  Because I'm amazing and I can do anything.)

When Mr. FW and I started talking about non-bouquet options, we came up with two possibilities that we actually really liked because both would resolve some of our ambivalent feelings about how gendered the florals were going to be.  (When you're looking at these options, recall that the wedding party dresses are gray with black trim.)

Option #1 was inspired by this picture:

bracelet by Etsy seller BCGirls

I'm imagining it in black, which I think would be totally gorgeous.  The bonus is that I could probably make it myself pretty easily and, if the ribbon was long enough, it could be worn again post-wedding as a sparkly belt or headband.  The downside is that it wouldn't give our dress-wearers anything to carry (which has been expressed as a concern), and it's different that what the bout-wearers are sporting.

Option #2 is to stick with the bracelet idea, but instead of the applique I would use the same ribbon flowers that I used in the bouts.

The upsides to this option are that I already know how to make these flowers and they would create a cohesive look across our entire wedding party.  The minus here is the same nothing-too-carry issue as option #1, plus it would be a bit more time intensive.

Option #3 is to remain committed to the original plan and just power through the necessary flower making.

{Witness the one, ONE, anenome I've made so far.  Thank goodness I adore it!}

The pro here is that I will already be making a lot of these flowers for my own bouquet (what's another couple hundred petals really?), it will create a unified look with my own bouquet, and it will give our peeps something to carry.  The con, as you already know, is the amount of time it would take to make them.

There are the options.  Now I'd love to get your thoughts, suggestions, opinions about which choice I should make.  So vote first, then in the comments tell me why you chose the option you did (because I need to hear reasoning other than my own broken record right now!)

Option #1: Lovely and re-wearable
Option #2: Easy and cohesive
Option #3: Original and carry-able
Option #4: Something else altogether

Was there ever a time you needed a little extra perspective when you were wedding planning?

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