Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dah Dum t'Dumm, Dah Dum t'Dumm

You can tell that's the bridal march, right?  ;-)

I heard a lot of the dah dum t'dumms growing up because my mom was (and still is) our church organist and she played at many of the congregants' weddings.  When I went through my teenage phase of "I wanna be completely different from everyone in the whole wide world," I decided I wouldn't be a person who came down the aisle to the bridal march if/when I ever got married, and I never changed my mind about that.  But in all the years since then, I also haven't been that interested in getting married in general, so I've given precious little thought to any other specific things that I did or didn't want at my potential future wedding.  Except this one thing....

Hive, I'm gonna just come right out and say it.  This one thing is kind of a diva moment.  It is the ONLY princessy wedding thing I've ever latched onto, dreamed about, and held close to my heart.  And now that it's closer to becoming a reality, I'm having to really own what a diva moment it actually is.  So, I'm telling all of the internet about it and I'm trying to own it.  

It all started with the movie Practical Magic, which I adore.  Watching it in the theater, I vividly recall this one swell in the music that gave me chills, and in that moment I thought, "That would make an amazing bridal entrance."  I own the movie soundtrack, and I'm still caught breathless every time I hear it.  (I suggest you start at about 1:08 to get the full effect, but *the moment* starts about 1:30.)

It's princessy, right?  And totally diva-ish?  I know.  I know!  Yet as much as those two words really don't describe me, I just can't imagine myself walking down the aisle to any other music.  So I will do my best to conjure all of my inner diva confidence, absolutely rock out the moment, and just hope it lives up to all the emotional hype.

Like it or not, do you or your partner find that you'll be embracing any diva moments at your wedding?

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