Friday, August 26, 2011

When Procrastination Pays Off

For over a year now now Mr. FW and I have talked about having a photobooth at our wedding.  First we considered DIYing it like so many fabulous bees before me have done.   Seriously, if you are considering going that route, check out those tutorials for a near-exhaustive rundown of all the various ways you can DIY a photobooth.  With so much information out there, I was sure this was a project we could take on.  Then, the days and months kept ticking by and the the list of projects kept mounting, so that finally at some point we decided we better look into the cost of hiring someone to make our photobooth dream come true.

But having seen so many DIY photobooths in blogland, I was dead set on avoiding the old-school photobooth that could only seat a few people on a bench.  Instead I wanted a massive booth that would easily hold a whole group of people.

{like Hot Wings and her crew}
image by Eric Dos Santos via Weddingbee

{also Coconut and her crew}
image by Jason Angelini via Weddingbee

Unfortunately, those booths generally come with a pretty high price tag - probably because they're operated by actual photographers rather than remote controls.  Completely understandable.  But still multiple hundred dollars over what we'd allocated in our budget.  So... having seen those price tags, we procrastinated some more.  We still really wanted a photobooth, but we were starting to think we wouldn't be able to afford one.

We literally had not talked about the photobooth dilemma for the last month.  Then, out of the blue this morning we both received an email from Amazon Local Deals (which I assume is a new Groupon-type service that Amazon is offering).  It was for a photobooth company offering a package that had *everything* we were looking for, all for hundreds less than our budgeted amount.  They might not be able to squeeze fifteen full-bodied people into a frame, but they can handle a group and that's good with me.  We called them right away to be sure they were available on our wedding date, and they were!  So you better believe we purchased that deal with lightning speed and then immediately confirmed our date with them.

We have a photobooth!  That we can afford!  That will be almost the only thing at our reception we won't have to build, store, and set-up ourselves!  That was handsdown the easiest, least stressful decision we've made in months!  I know I shouldn't be an advocate of procrastination because, as a procrastinator, I am well-aware of the adverse consequences.  But just this once, it totally paid off.

Don't you just love when things are easy?!  Have any of your wedding decisions unexpectedly fallen in your lap?

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