Friday, August 19, 2011

Lobe Indecision

My thoughts about wedding day earrings were along the same lines as everything else when it comes to this wedding: "I'm not sure what I'm looking for, but I don't think this is it. I'm certain I'll know it when I see it." I've concocted a fuzzy mental image of the earrings I'm looking for, but as far as I can tell they're not anything that's ever been manufactured in the history of the world. Freaking out that my indecision would result in bare lobes, I sucked it up and bought some earrings that I knew weren't "perfect" but would probably be "perfectly suitable." Today they came in, and they're quite lovely.

Generally jewelry isn't really my thing, but I love earrings and I like them BIG. So I'm just not sure these baubles are as... ostentacious? distinctive? statement-y? as I want them to be.

{ignore the post-gym attire and just focus on the bling}

At this point, though, I've exhausted all of my best interwebz researcher skills. I just don't know where else to look, which means these might be my final decision by default. So indecisive...

Hive, help me out! Do you know of a place I could look for big sparkly earrings?

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