Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Even The Easy Things Aren't So (Or, How I Over-Complicate Everything)

Last night on our way home from running some wedding errands Mr. FW noticed, "We're taking turns breathing heavy sighs." And once he said that I realized I, too, could hear the sounds of deep, controlled inhales alternating with unsatisfactory exhales. For the first time it was really starting to weigh on us just how how little time is left before our wedding day and just how much needs to get finished during that limited time. We are working on wedding projects constantly at this point, and days are flying by at breakneck speed. Yet it never seems the list gets any shorter. In fact, for every one item that we start or complete, at least one other item gets tacked on. So we both get ridiculously giddy when we find a project that seems like it will be quick and easy to cross off the list.

The ring dish should've been one of those easy items - "should" being the operative word here. Mr. FW spent an hour or two combing Etsy to find a few good options, one of which we both agreed would be perfect for us.

image from Etsy shop Cats Paw Pottery

One dish for the wedding, one to go on my nightstand right away. Affordable, patterned but simple, our choice of colors, and the seller would create a hole in one of them so that we could tie on the rings. Perfect!

{the color is more silvery and shiny than it looks in this picture}

When the box arrived I was so excited to see how the dishes turned out, and I knew that this project would be SO EASY to finish once I tied on a little ribbon. Uh huh... I pulled out some stand-in rings and my bag of ribbon, then the over-complicated, over-thinking, annoyingly-Goldilocksish mentality set in.

{"This one is too simple."}

It all started there, and it moved on to this...

{Top L-R: too unattractive, too strange, too pretty, too big; Bottom L-R: too busy, too overpowering, too much, too many bows}

After several hours of ribbon tying, what-oh-what did we end up with?

{"Just right."}

If you guessed "right back where you started" then you win the prize. Yep - Mr. FW really liked the simplicity of that one. By this point I kinda hated all ribbon, nothing looked good to me any more, and I was desperate - desperate, I tell you - to just finish this project and go to bed. So, simple blue ribbon is "just right" for us.

Finally this project was done. But more than that, the point was clearly made that I really, really need to put a lid on this over-complicating tendency I have or we're never going to finish things in time for the wedding.

This should have been so easy...

What Goldilocks wedding moments have you experienced and how did you finally reach your "just right" solution?

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