Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Me and My Twin, Nancy

Now that I've got The Dress I'm feeling some pressure to finalize my wedding day look, and I'd like that to start with my hair. As y'all know, I have relatively long curly/wavy hair. What you may not know is that I wear it down almost every day and I don't tend to prefer pictures of me where my hair is up. Obviously that means I plan to wear it down for the wedding, but I want it to look more 'special' than just my everyday hairstyle.

And then, a few days ago, the most amazing hair inspiration appeared to me in a completely unsuspecting and fortuitous moment. While Mr. FW and I were engaged in a marathon session of wedding crafting, we were watching a fabulous little show called Weeds. All of a sudden I happened to notice that Mary-Louise Parker and I share a similar hair texture. Not only that, but her character Nancy Botwin and I appear to share a mutual love of the half up/half down hairstyle. And the particular look that caught my eye was this beauty.
{I could only get a blurry capture of the back.}
screen captures from Weeds Season 5

It's somewhat difficult to tell from the pictures, but she's wearing a thin sparkly headband and it looks like in the back her hair is secured with a loose twist. I was so smitten with this look that I quickly clicked through other episodes to see if I could find anything else that appealed to me as a possible wedding 'do.

{Sorry for the harsh light/contrast - dark hair and dark background is a tough picture to capture.}
screen captures from Weeds Season 5

I'm not-so-secretly hoping that the first style looks as smashing on me as it does on her. Just in case, I plan to bring those other two images with me to a hair trial so I can try out a few different options. Who knew I'd be so giddy to mimic the styling of a suburban pot dealer...

Have you (intentionally or not) turned to Hollywood to inspire your wedding day hair? If so, who's your celebrity hair twin?

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