Saturday, May 21, 2011

We Are So Loved

Two weekends ago we had what I can only imagine is the closest approximation to a wedding we will ever have - prior to our actual wedding, that is.

We had a wedding shower.

It was generously, and wonderfully, hosted by Mr. FW's aunt, sister, and mother who spent several months planning and then the better part of two days setting everything up. So unbelievably thoughtful! (Thank you all!!!)

The food was delicious, the company was incredible, I felt pampered beyond belief, I smiled so much my cheeks hurt, and we were surrounded by so much love that it's almost a little bit unbelievable to me. Bottom line: we had a great time. So what were the similarities to a wedding, you ask? Well, by the end of this epic party I had talked a little bit to a lot of people, had barely eaten anything, was forced to get over any uncomfortable feelings I had about being the center of attention, and I hadn't seen Mr. FW for most of the day. I have to say, it was great practice for the big day. When people say that at your wedding you have to consciously try to spend time with everyone (including your partner) because it won't happen otherwise, or that you have to make sure you eat, they're not kidding.

Our hostesses made a wonderful decision when they opted to make the shower co-ed because that is just so perfectly us. Sure, the tradition is for showers to be all-female affairs, and that knowledge certainly didn't escape several of our guests who were more than just a little curious about what men would do at a shower. But I think they fared just fine.

{observing/participating in the contest; the winner: three-dimensional accents and boho headpiece}

Mr. FW and I are so lucky, we are so loved, and we can't wait to get married!

If you've had a shower, did you find it to be a wondrous whirlwind like I did? Would you ever consider a co-ed shower?

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