Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The World Is Our Oyster

And we want to see *every*little*bit* of it...  if only travel was free and we had unlimited vacation days.  But, it's not and we don't.  So... we have to narrow down our honeymoon options, and fast!  Fast because we have a shower coming up kinda soon, and our primary registry is a honeymoon registry - a registry that isn't going to be very useful for us or very interesting for our guests if everything on there is painfully generic.  Like the difference between "$50 for dinner" versus "$50 for dinner at Petrino in Athens, Greece."  See, aren't you more impressed by that last one? 

In more than 5 years of being together, the mister and I have only taken two longer-than-a-long-weekend vacations together.  (What can I say?  We've both been grad students...) 

                                 {posing in Hawaii}                                        {ATV'ing on a cruise to Mexico}

Priority A#1 for Mr. NM is warm weather and relaxing on the beach.  I'm into that, that's cool - but I'll get bored with the beach after a few days.  I also want the "must see's" and "must do's" suggested by seasoned travlers.  We're planning to make this honeymoon a real barnburner (within reason), and we've got at least 2 weeks of time to play around with.  We could probably go almost anywhere, and in fact we might even be able to split it up into two locations to have two entirely different kinds of vacations.

So how do you narrow down all the possibilities in the world?  We're starting with a list of places each of us thought would be interesting, and we allowed the other person to veto anything that was a definite "no" for them.  (Already nixed from our list: Costa Rica - my veto.  Africa - his veto.)  We split up the list and both of us will research a few basic questions for each location:
  • Average weather and conditions in the last half of November.
  • Options for relaxing, sightseeing, activities, and events
  • Flight time from San Francisco airport
  • Approximate flight costs, one way and round trip
  • General impressions from other travelers
  • Would this location meet both of our needs, or would it need to be only half a honeymoon?

Wanna know what's on our list?  OMG, this is so exciting to type out because then we're just a little closer to making it a reality!!!

Go ahead, you can say it.  You're jealous!  I know, I'm jealous of my Nov.13ish self, too.  We figure this will likely be our last Just the Two of Us trip for a long, long time so we might as well go big before we go home.  This weekend we reconvene to see if we can narrow down our options, and I'll keep you posted.

If you've traveled to any of these places, would you recommend them for a honeymoon?  Is there any place you think we should add to the list?  And do you yet know your honeymoon destination?

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  1. All of those destinations sound fantastic! I don't know how you're gonna limit it down. I've always wanted to go to Bali or Fiji myself :)


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