Tuesday, March 1, 2011

They're Everywhere, But Not Quite Like This

One of the challenges in designing and implementing a "theme" for our wedding has been finding a way to incorporate some of the trendy details that I see all over the blogosphere.  Why is this a challenge?  Well, you may have noticed that the majority of weddings featured on popular wedding blogs have a sort of vintage rustic vibe going on.

I was again reminded of this when I saw some sneak peak pictures of Anthropologie's new BHLDN line on Green Wedding Shoes.

There's so much to love in these images, right?  Absolutely.  In fact, I grew up in a rural area that would've been great for this style of wedding.  All around me were barns, floral prints, distressed furniture, lace and pastel colors out the wazoo.  It would've been a beautiful fit.  But... it's just not our style.  I moved to San Francisco, Mr. NM grew up here, and we love the totally un-rustic parts of the city.  In fact, it's so not my style that I've never even stepped foot in an Anthropologie store.  (I know - it's bridal heresy!)

That said, there's a lot about the vintage rustic style that appeals to me.  I love the handmade, craftsy, and/or DIY feel of many of the decorative items.  Look at those paper elements in the BHLDN pictures above.  They're gorgeous!  And those kinds of detail images are everywhere.  Now, you know I love myself some paper and some DIY, and that's where the challenge came in.  I wanted to find a way to include those trendy details in a way befitting our wedding vibe. 

If you've been following this blog, then you've already seen several examples of ways that I put a personal spin on current wedding trends so that they reflect our style.   

I know those of us planning weddings can have a love-hate relationship with the wedding media out there.  On the one hand, we love being inspired by beautiful pictures.  On the other hand, we hate the idea of having a "cookie cutter" wedding.  But I'm here to tell you that there is hope!  So don't be dismayed if you see a certain swoon-worthy detail *everywhere* in blogland.  You can make it unique and you can make it personal.  You just have to do a little thinking "outside the blogs." 

How have you put a personal spin on a wedding trend?  Do share - so we can spread the hope!  :-)

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