Thursday, March 17, 2011


Remember when it was cool to yell, "Psych!" when you got someone to believe a lie you'd told?  I'm sure I'm showing my age here.  I don't even really remember where it came from or why it was so hip or so ubiqitous, but it was.  And we'd like to find a way to make psych cool again at our wedding.  Not in the lying or yelling at someone kinda way, but in the Field of Psychology kind of way.

Oh, that probably came a little out of left field didn't it?  Perhaps I forgot to tell y'all that both Mr. NM and I are clinical psychologists.  Technically I'm a psychologist and Mr. NM is a psychology intern, but whatevs.  We're both in the field, not to mention that most of our wedding party is in the field.  I thought it would be nice to have some kind of homage, however small, just as a nod to our shared career choice.  But having that thought is just about as far as I've gotten with the plan.  I can't for the life of me think of how to incorporate it! 

Career-oriented cake toppers are cute, but what would ours depict - one of us providing therapy to the other?  That's just weird.  (Not to mention unethical.  So no worries, Board of Psychology.  I know the rules.) 

At least they have hats that are easily recognizable.  I'm not sure what psychologists have that would make us stand out.  Freud had that beard and a cigar, but something tells me that's not gonna work as well for me as it did for him. 

The symbol of psychology would seem to be an easy way to rep our field, but wouldn't you agree that it's just a little oddly pitchforky to make a wedding appearance?

I thought maybe we could do something cool with inkblots on our paper goods (like the [in]famous Rorschach test - though that's really more Mr. NM's arena than mine).  Maybe it has the potential to be interesting, but it doesn't necessarily fit with out theme and it would likely be a lot of work for little payout.

I could just invite these guys to the wedding but apparently their "psych" stands for psychic, which we're not.  (Oh, but don't try to tell that to every cab driver, dentist, banker, retail clerk, or hair stylist I know.  I've tried, and they don't believe me.)

Sadly that was the extent of my brilliant ideas.  The well is dry, so I'm wondering if maybe I should let this go since I'm so stumped.  I'll hold out hope for a bit, because perhaps you have some wisdom to offer me.  Do you have any ideas about how psychology could make an appearance on our wedding day?  And did you incorporate anything about your career into your wedding plans?

And on a side note:  While looking for images for this post, I did find one in particular that really intrigued me.  See for yourself:

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  1. This post is awesome! I have no ideas, but I'm sure one will come to you if you think hard enough and long enough. Our cherry blossom theme, while glaringly obvious, took a long time to dawn upon me. (P.S. That inkblot idea is pretty darn awesome!)


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