Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dressing the Party, Round 2

Saturday I went with Party Person N to a bridal salon hoping to see some of the Alfred Angelo and Alfred Sung dresses I'd been looking at online.  As soon as we got there, I felt uncomfortable and out of place but I just chalked it up to lack of familiarity with this kind of store.  Oh, if only I'd been aware of the 2.5 star rating on Yelp perhaps I would've moderated my expectations a bit.  Ms. M's Bridal Salon Tip #1:  Check the reviews before you choose.

You remember me talking about how principled I am when it comes to dress shopping, yeah?  Well let's just say that a huge store that has all of twelve "plus-size" (meaning larger than 14) bridesmaid dress options and a consultant who refused to acknowledge the store's limited plus-size inventory (until I brought it up), was honestly just never going to work for me.  Ms. M's Bridal Salon Tip #2:  Call and ask questions, then shop with discretion.

I'm not proud of it, but I'll admit that I was feeling pretty Over It from very early on.  Party Person N was wonderfully cheerful and optimistic to counteract my Eeyore-esque attitude, though.  You'll notice that there aren't dress pictures to accompany this post, and that's because there really wasn't much worth remembering.  Even though the consultant offered to order dresses for us if I chose them online, I think I'll pass.  I mean, at least for me, the whole point of going to a store is so you can try before you buy.  Otherwise I'd prefer to just order them from an online retailer that carries more plus-size stock.  Ms. M's Bridal Salon Tip #3:  Spending money isn't sensible when your experience is reprehensible, so remember to stick to your principle! 

This experience seriously made me want to crawl into a little bride cave and just disappear for a while.  But Party Person N says I should get back on the horse, and I think she's right.  Serendipitously I happened to find out last night that Alfred Angelo apparently has these "signature stores" where they supposedly carry all their styles in the full range of sizes.  And lucky for me, there's a signature store relatively close by.  So this Sunday, back on the horse I go!  Because they offer all of their dresses in a gray color called Charcoal, I'm super hopeful we're going to make a decision this weekend.  Cross your fingers for me that we find something because I seriously can't take much more of this.  I just wanna get back to the wedding plans that excite me - designing and crafting and buying stuff!

What bridal salon tips would you add to my list?  And did you ever have an uncomfortable bridal salon experience? 

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  1. I'm so sorry you had bad experiences. I get so much satisfaction out of writing bad Yelp reviews too, so that other people/the store know that poor service/selection doesn't just stay in their store and that the public knows all about it :)


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