Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dressing the Party, Round 1

Party Person K and I headed out last weekend to good ol' David's Bridal to look at some potential dress options for the members of the wedding party (plus we threw in an infinity dress at my house, just for good measure).  My goal for the day:  if nothing else, get clarification on preferred color and length.  Who would've thought that was too much to ask of myself?!  I partially blame K for this.  She looked damn good in nearly everything! 

From left to right: 
F13573 - so elegant, flattering fit, a little much with the shiny fabric top to bottom
F14010 - draping and flowers are beautiful but not a good fit for our wedding
84091 - K's favorite for a "party dress," I was less thrilled by the length and youthfulness
F13185 - gorgeous!  K modeled this for half the store.  Nothing not to love except limited color choices

F13092 - Special edition, chic and easy, flattering and potential pregnancy-friendly (just in case!)
13128 - "meh," nothing wrong with it per se, but not a wow! dress
13291 - K's fav longer dress, pregnancy-friendly, easy to wear and shorten, limited colors
13277 - not bad but not the most flattering fit, color is okay

83312 - cute, simple, really re-wearable, full range of colors
83690 - didn't like the style or fit of the top as much as we thought we would
13291 - (same as blue one, above), much more formal in floor-length black
F12495 - again with the formal and dressy look of all black, straps could likely be removed 

F14138 - K wasn't a fan but I liked it, though that top wouldn't fit anyone who's busty
Infinity dress (2 pics) - K liked the versatility, but thought it wasn't as flattering in the hips and might be more "high maintenance" than other dresses

I came home WAY more confused than when I left.  Convinced we'd go with knee-length dresses, I couldn't believed how much I loved the elegance of the floor-length ones.  And although I did still really gravitate towards shades of gray, those versatile black dresses were starting to call my name. 

That night I sat down to discuss the options with Mr. NM and I was so frustrated that I was teary-eyed.  I was so confused and I was worrying about things I'd never questioned before.  My main issue seemed to be a concern that a shorter dress wouldn't look formal enough for a downtown evening wedding.  The longer ones looked so much more elegant and I thought maybe that was a better fit. 

Then Mr. NM said something that was oh-so-true.  His exact words were, "We haven't made a single other 'elegant' decision when it comes to this entire wedding.  Why are we going for 'elegant' now?"  It was an Aha! moment for me.  I had been mesmerized by the beauty of those dresses, but it's true that we're not really trying to have a super-classy wedding.  Chic, yes.  Elegant, no.  Laid-back, yes.  Formal, no.  It helps to be reminded to plan YOUR wedding, not someone else's wedding. 

I also found out during this conversation that Mr. NM plans to wear a dark gray suit and he wants everyone in the wedding party to wear something at least a little bit lighter.  That probably means a deep charcoal gray color is not a possibility.  So oddly enough, I'd accomplished my goal by the end of that day, even if it didn't happen quite as I'd imagined it would.  I now know that we are on the hunt for knee-length dresses in a medium gray color.  I think David's Bridal is out because they don't have a good range of dresses in the right color, but the infinity dress is still an option.  I also went back to the drawing board to see what other designers might have to offer in that color/length combo.  Hopefully Round 2 will yield some successes.

How many rounds did it take you to find dresses for your wedding party?  I've never done this before, so tell me what I should expect. 

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  1. LOL I just named my last e-mail to my bridesmaids Round 2, I originally chose a dress from David's Bridal that was short and satin and thought it fit my care-free, let's party wedding but then nobody was really that big of a fan so I went by myself today and decided to go for the long chiffon dress F14040, tried it on, and loved it! It was elegant, fun, fit my rustic/vintage theme and the price was perfect. I've also been to many boutiques but it takes 12-15 weeks for dresses to come in so I missed that boat.. let's just hope Round 2 get's approval!


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