Monday, February 14, 2011

Who Knew...

... that custom-made men's shirts had so many components to make decisions about?!  Plackets, collars, hems, pleats, accent fabric, epaulets, buttons, thread color, and several other things that I've already forgotten.  Unbelievable!  Last night I learned SO MUCH about men's fashion as Mr. NM ordered his custom-made shirt from  And the site is awesome because you can see all your changes as you make them, which really helps when you're a visual person like Mr. NM is.

{Mr. NM's final shirt design: signature standard fit, long sleeve, single placket, plain back (no pleats), 1-button French collar, French round cuffs, tritab bottom, no epaulets, no pocket, no monogram, charcoal buttons, vertical buttonholes, white thread, contrast fabric inside collar and cuffs}

Not to mention that I got to witness the male side of this wedding-day-appearance-pressure.  My guy wants to look just as spectacular as I do, with a shirt that perfectly fits every inch of his perfect self.  The best part (at least for this frugal bride) is that this custom shirt is only going to cost us...  (wait for it)...  (keep waiting for it)...  $41.84 including shipping! 

Rub your eyes and check that number again - $41.84 - less than the cost of a dress shirt from Express!!! 

Unfortunately it takes a while for this affordable masterpiece to be delivered, so it's slated to arrive at the end of March.  Mr. NM is obviously on the ball, because he told me the estimated delivery date is right before he wanted to begin shopping for his suit.  How impressive is he, right?  I know, I know.  I'm a lucky girl. 

Would you ever order custom-made clothing, for the wedding day or otherwise?

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