Friday, February 18, 2011

A Very Important Date

I realized that I haven't yet talked about why we chose November 11, 2011 as our wedding date.  It might seem like we were purposely aiming for that 11.11.11 anniversary, but it didn't start that way at all! 

We've known for a while that this relationship was heading towards a serious commitment (as in a wedding, commitment ceremony, etc.), but when we asked ourselves: When?, we didn't have a good answer for it.  Throughout most of our relationship we were both students - ergo we were poor, poorer, poorest and busy, busier, busiest.  Without having the money to fund the kind of shindig we wanted, and considering we were being squeezed between classes, exams, and moving for internships we were stuck in waiting mode for a long time.  (Side note: this did not keep me from planning a wedding.  I totally planned us a kick-ass lime green, black, white, and damask wedding - then I scrapped it when I started seeing damask weddings pop up everywhere at a time when we were still eons away from our own big day.)

One day around April 2009, during my post-doc year (definition: your very last year of training before you can officially get licensed and move on to a "real job"), I was sitting in a training and out of nowhere it hit me that we might actually be getting closer to "the right time" to have a ceremony.  I was close(r) to having a respectable income and Mr. NM was racing through grad school faster than I had.  Being the obsessive planner that I am, I began looking at what day of the week Nov. 1 fell on for the next few years because I knew Mr. NM loved the idea of our wedding anniversary being the same as our dating anniversary.  And I was cool with that especially because in San Francisco, November comes at the tail end of the city's Indian summers so we'd likely bypass the infamous fog.  Unfortunately, in 2010 and 2011 November 1st fell on a Monday or Tuesday.  That wouldn't work. 
Next I looked at the 11th because it seemed kinda similar to the 1st, just with an extra 1.  That's close enough, right?  In 2010 the 11th fell on a Thursday, but in 2011 it fell on a Friday.  I'd heard that Friday weddings can be more affordable because they're a "non-peak" day, plus I liked the idea of having a day or two after the ceremony to hang out with our guests, many of whom would be coming in from out of town.  Other bonus: by 2011 Mr. NM would be post-dissertation, post-internship, and post-graduation, and I would have been working full-time for almost 2 years. Super special bonus: a wedding in Nov. of 2011 would give me over 2 years to plan, meaning a reduced stress level for me.  (This was my hopeful thinking at the time.  Of course as you know, I was more or less wrong about that.)

Friday, November 11 of 2011 was shaping up to be the perfect date!  I sat there for a while in my blissful post-obsessive-planning stupor... before it occurred to me that November is the 11th month of the year.  **record scratch** 

Wait, what??  11th day of the 11th month in the 11th year?  11.11.11??  I felt positively giddy with excitement as the elusive and amazing feeling of *pure perfection* washed over me.  And the meticulous woman in me leapt forth, already thinking a mile a minute:  "An anniversary made up of all the same numbers?  That's the same backwards and forwards?  That you can fold in half lengthwise - and heightwise - and it will match up?  That you can cutesy-ly abbreviate as eleven cubed?  That you could never in a million years forget even if you tried really hard?"  And on and on and on...

When I got home that day and ran it by Mr. NM, he was equally excited.  Well, not equally equally, but ya know, equally in that way partners are when they're genuinely excited but mostly they're excited that you're so freakin' excited.  Yeah, equally excited like that.  So from that conversation on, we had a date - a really lovely date.

How did you and your significant other choose your ceremony date?  Does it hold any special meaning for you, coincidental or otherwise?

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  1. We got married 11.11.2000 so we´ll celebrate Our 11th. anniversary! Great Date! Very happy Mariiage with 3 kids


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