Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Registry FAIL

I can't recall if I've talked about this before, but Mr. NM and I decided to forego the traditional wedding registry.  We've been living together for three years now.  We have almost everything we could possibly want and certainly everything we could possibly fit in our tiny home.  So like many other couples, we decided that a honeymoon registry would be more practical for us. 

Of course, there's always the possibility some people will be uncomfortable giving us money - even money designated for a specific purchase.  And then there's the question of how people will feel about coming to a wedding shower without a gift.  To remedy this, we're going to supplement our honeymoon registry with some very limited "material goods" registries.  Since both of us are almost exclusively online shoppers at this point (for realz, I am not exaggerating when I say that), we immediately turned first to Amazon.com.  Each of us already had individual wish lists there, so it wasn't difficult to transfer items over from a wish list to a wedding registry. 

But we thought some people might prefer the option of shopping in-person (although I can't imagine why anyone would want to do that...), so we settled on the ubiquitous Bed, Bath, and Beyond registry for our brick-and-mortar option.  {Cue ominous music.}  First we started by adding items on their website, although they didn't have some of the things we wanted and we ended up adding them to the Amazon registry instead.  Then we made the trek from our couch to the actual store *gasp* because we wanted to feel the sheets and towel options before we committed ourselves to something godawful.  The woman heading the registry "office" was nice enough, but she clearly wanted to follow us around while we shopped, which we weren't really into.  Also, she couldn't get the scanning gun to work.  After two unsuccessful tries with two different scanners, we decided we'd just write down the information of anything we liked so we could add it later online. 

Our first surprise - many of the items we'd added online (like Le Creuset and Fiestaware) weren't actually available in stores.  Umm... that kinda defeats the purpose of having a brick-and-mortar option, doesn't it?  Our second surprise - the bedding selection *sucked* so much that we only found one thing we kindasorta liked enough to maybe put on the registry.  Bedding was one of only a few things we were considering asking for, so not having that as an option was going to really reduce the size of our already tiny registry.  Our third surprise - the dish selection really, really super *sucked* more than the bedding selection.  It was like half an aisle, and half of the half an aisle was more serving pieces than everyday dishes.

After being in the store for less than an hour, we left.  And I resolved to delete our BB&B registry as soon as we got home.  Trying to do this registry thing was, for us, a big stinking FAIL.  Who fails at a registry?  I mean, apparently we do.  But how is that even possible? And the worst part was - we couldn't just move on with our lives because we were going to have to replace it with something!  Around this time I read a post about the joys of a Macy's registry, so I signed us up.  Yes - we just needed something, anything at this point.  Yes - the prices are higher than BB&B.  Yes - there are some items that aren't available in stores.  Yes - we had to sign up for the store credit card in order to access the registry rewards.  And yes - we are actively avoiding entering the store and taking our chances with the scanning gun. 

I'm still not sure it was a good idea, but we're *so over* the material stuff registry at this point that I think we both just want to be done with it.  Maybe in a few months we will have recovered enough from this registry trauma that we'll again be able to generate ideas about things we might need or want and then actually summon up the energy to add them.

How did you choose where to register?  And if you're doing a honeymoon registry, did you offer guests an additional registry option?


  1. Give us a look at http://www.registrystop.com We aim to solve many of these problems. Making it easy to register for items online, but also sync them with in store registries. Moving from BBB to Macys is a simple process with us, and when guests visit online we help your guests find the best price.

  2. Another thought- BB&B allows registry returns for cash (i.e. to put toward honeymoon), whereas Macy's (and most others) only give store credit. Cue the ethical debate... ;)


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