Friday, February 25, 2011

Drowning In Stuff

As we continue to churn out mountains of DIY decorations, we're obviously also beginning to collect a lot of other elements like cake stands, candy jars, serving utensils, accessories, gifts, craft supplies, candles, clothing...  the list goes on and on and on.  I'm already feeling cramped for space, both in our house and in our basement storage area - and I'm just gonna hazard a guess that what we have right now is less than a quarter of the stuff we'll end up with by the time this is all over. 

I know there's a big DIY wedding movement going on out there because it's all over the blogosphere.  But now that I'm waist-deep in a DIY movement of my very own, I'm coming face-to-face with all the stuff you don't see on those blogs.  The behind-the-scenes madness that starts with, "Where in the world do I store this stuff?" and then quickly becomes, "How the hell do I get it all to the venue?" and then peaks at, "Who will possibly have the time or the know-how to set it all up?"

I feel cheated somehow, that no one told me about this before I started so that I could be prepared.  But more than that, I feel kinda embarrassed that it didn't even occur to me.  It's all so clear to me now, but I honestly never thought much about what comes after that lovely point where you finish a project and cross it off your list.  And now...  Well, now it truly stresses me out.  And no matter how much I've tormented myself, I haven't come to any conclusions that feel remotely satisfactory.  So unfortunately I don't have any helpful pointers today, nor do I even have any of my "trademark positivity" about the subject.  Just a lot of questions that, at least for now, don't have any answers.

I know someone out there has run up against this challenge and figured out a way to master all the DIY gear.  I'm desperate for your input!! 

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  1. I have enlisted a small group of reliable people to help the night before - after the rehersal or before even. I have my brother's best friend - since he is a guy he'll be good for the manual labor. I then asked some of the girls I work with to help decorate the venue. They know it's a tight guest list and I promise to take them out to lunch, so it's their way of helping me. Just ask - people will want to help you!!!


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