Monday, February 21, 2011

The Dessert Buffet Saga Continues

And we may have had a breathrough today!  But to properly understand the progress we've made, I need to walk you through a shopping trip I took a couple weeks ago.  If you remember this post, then you remember I'd gotten it into my head that perhaps I would make fabulous cake plates for cheaper than I could buy them.  So on this fateful shopping day I was on the hunt for plate, platter, and pedestal options that I could glue together to make my imaginarily fabulous cake stands.

I randomly took pictures of every potential item I found.  Here is a sampling: 

{Top row: ceramic plates, melamine tray, porcelain tray from Target; Bottom row: wood candleholders and porcelain egg cups from Ross}

During this hunt, I found several actual cake stand options for $10-$15 each.

{Top row: from Ross; Bottom row: from Target}

I wasn't in love with any of the "pre-made" cake stands, so I was still committed to making something ourselves.  But seeing that $10 price tag, and knowing that it wouldn't require any additional work for us made it clear to me that whatever options I found would need to be under $10 each in order for it to be worth it to me.  (And when I say "no additional work" I just mean in terms of making them.  Buying pre-made cake stands would probably require additional effort in raising them to different heights on the buffet table.  But that's another issue altogether.)  

And then, as I rounded the corner at Target, the heavens opened and a ray of light shone down on this:

Do I see cobalt blue, black, and white plates in multiple patterns?!  Who dropped our wedding into Aisle 10, just in time for me to stumble upon it?  It's a miracle!  I quickly snapped some pictures of various ways we could use these affordable melamine beauties. 

Instead of acting on my (Brabantia!) instinct to immediately purchase everything on the aisle, (which I was really, really inclined to do), I decided to wait until I could get Mr. NM's thumbs up as well.  I think I was needing some reassurance that this wasn't a totally crazy/awful/tacky idea.  So today we made our way to Target and this happened:

You'd be surprised the crazy looks you get from people when you use plates, bowls, cups, and canisters to set up a massive cake stand display in the middle of the floor...  at Target...  on a day when everyone's off work.  Okay, maybe you wouldn't be surprised.  That does sounds nuts.  But we did it, and we left with 12 "stands" and 4 small plates for less than $75 (including tax).  Score!  I still might swap out a few of the more expensive components (3 plastic canisters) with something cheaper if I can find it, but either way I *cannot wait* to see these in action at the reception!

I'll post again with all the production details and pictures of the final set-up once we start gluing them all together.  For now, we're leaving them stacked in the basement to save space (and sanity). 

Did you ever walk through a store and find your wedding on display?  And has anyone out there created cake stands before?  I'd welcome any pointers you have to offer.

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  1. What you made in the aisle looks great! Have you tried your local goodwill or thrift store? I made some as a bridal shower gift for a friend. Total cost including glue - 10.00. I made FOUR of them at varrying heights.


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