Friday, January 14, 2011

You Can't Do This, or This, or This, and Certainly Not That!

... said the venue to the anxious bride.  An anxious bride who, I might note, looks and sounds a lot like *this* bride.  And *this* bride has a damn hard time taking "No" for an answer.  So watch out, Parc 55 - I'm coming for you!

It all started with a few innocent images. 

I sent these gorgeous pictures over to our event coordinator to get a sense of how we could recreate them in our venue space.  Her response (in a nutshell): No way, no how.  No candles in hurricanes extending less than 4" above an open flame.  No sleek, simple tablescape because tables require several bread plates, butter plates, 3 different glasses, 2 plates, salt/pepper shakers, and various other items.  And no candleholders are to be located on the floor.

Furthermore, I'd previously proposed suspending some decorative items over the tables in the ballroom and hanging very lightweight decorations on a few sections of the wall. 

I'm thinking something different than the pictures above, but you get the drift.  And the response to these ideas: Nothing is to be attached to the walls (in any way, shape, or form including 3M removable adhesives) and nothing can be attached to the ceiling because there's "no way to anchor it."

But as I said earlier, a million "No's" does not deter me in the least!  So Mr. NM and I put our heads together this past weekend to see if we could come up with any reasonable solutions, and I think we may have landed on one or two good ideas.  If the mock-ups work out, you better believe I'll share with you our solutions, not to mention finally unveiling my top-secret DIY-chic decor.  So wish us luck!

What hurdles did you/will you have to overcome to create your vision?

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