Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Top That!

Thing I previously cared nothing about:  cake topper.

Thing I am now convinced I must own:  cake topper.

You can see why I've had a change of heart, right?  Look at that handmade, customized loveliness - complete with dog!  And that's not all.  No no, this is just one of 6 to-die-for cake toppers from Etsy that I'm totally obsessing over.  In no particular order, here are the 5 other amazing Etsy finds.  (Warning: keep your drool rag handy.  You'll need it, trust me.)

Even Mr. NM agrees that it would be really special to have our whole pack represented on top of our "wedding cake."  (I'll explain these quotation marks later.)  He also thinks this might finally be one wedding purchase that could be put to good use in our home after the wedding - and of course I agree!  The only thing we're a little worried about is (cue your complete and utter lack of surprise) the price.  This kind of artwork doesn't come cheap, nor should it. But like so many other things about this wedding, there's no... ummm... budget for this particular item.  We could lump it in with the decorations category, or the dessert buffet category (hence the quotation marks above), or even the miscellaneous category.  But one thing added means another removed, and who knows what that removed item will have to be.

And yet....  I still think I'm gonna do it.  ;-)  Maybe it could be a birthday gift, or a shower gift, or an anniversary gift, or an anything-that-means-I-don't-have-to-include-it-in-the-wedding-budget gift.  So now comes the really hard part - we have to pick one.  And I'm realizing that there's actually another hard part, which is waiting a while before we order it.  Because in order to customize it, we'll need to actually know what we're wearing, and we're still a couple months from that decision.  Boohoo...  I'd love to have this gracing our home for a while before we pack it up and bring it to the wedding.  Alas, I can force myself to be patient (is that a paradox?) for something so loverly. 

What Etsy find has convinced YOU to spend money you don't have?

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