Sunday, January 16, 2011

Monogram *sad face*

Spend any time observing or researching wedding decor, favors, registry items, whathaveyou and you'll quickly notice the prevalence of the monogram.

I think the idea of a monogram is lovely and totally apropot for weddings - a symblic representation of the merging of two people into one unit.  Plus it also offers a great opportunity for personalization, both on your wedding day and in your home.  Traditional monograms utilize the initial of a shared last name, which obviously only works if the couple is going to share a last name.  I will do an obligatory "last name post" later, but here I'll just briefly put it out there that Mr. NM and I will not be changing our names.  So no shared initial for us.

Does this rule out monograms?  Not necessarily.  Recently the ampersand has been popping up everywhere - and it's fabulous!  Not only is it a gorgeous, interesting symbol, but I think it's quickly become *the* modern monogram.  (I even used them myself here.)

Mr. NM and I l-o-v-e ampersands (as you might have guessed from our Save the Date's, and we would love to use them more for our wedding if it weren't for one tiny detail.

{font: MA Sexy}

Yes, our modern monogram option happens to be a not-so-subtle sexual reference.  Now I know we could switch the initials around and potentially use it that way.

{font: Champagne & Limousines}

But that doesn't look/sound right to me either.  First of all, it's not far from S&M and I don't think it would take any great leap of the imagine for our guests to switch that around in their heads.  Second of all, it looks a little like MS which, depending on your frame of reference is either multiple sclerosis or Martha Stewart - neither of which I'd like referenced at our wedding.  The way super sad conclusion of all this is that we won't be using a monogram, traditional or otherwise, at our wedding.  I won't lie - I'm pretty bummed that it won't work out for us, although finding ways to incorporate ampersands in other ways makes it a little better.

Oh well...  You win some, you lose some.  Do your and your partners names combine to form a respectable monogram?  If so, will you incorporate it into your wedding?

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