Monday, January 24, 2011

Light Me Up

Earlier this week both of us were home for the holiday and we declared it wedding day.  Actually, Mr. NM declared it wedding day and I went along with it because I knew he was right to take advantage of a free day.  We made some headway on several fronts - photobooth, registries, wedding party dresses, and photographer - but the biggest decision we made was choosing a lighting designer.  Depending on your perspective, it was either an easy decision or a complicated one (like so much in life, no?).  Easy because the person we chose quoted us a total for lighting and audio that was WAY more affordable than everyone else.  Complicated because we don't really have money in the budget for lighting and we know very little about lighting design.  How does one know how to spend their money wisely when you can't picture the different impact of uplights, wall washes, accent lighting, pin spotting, light patterns, gobos, and everything else.  It's so hard to know what's "worth it," especially considering this is all going into the Over Budget category.

Here's what I know - we definitely want blue uplighting of some kind, preferably more of a color wash,

Than columns of light.

We're not so interested in a custom monogram gobo,

But we do like the idea of casting an interesting light pattern on the dance floor (if it's not too expensive).

We won't need pinspotting since there will be no traditional centerpieces or wedding cake,

But highlighting the cake and candy buffets could be nice (again, cost allowing).

I also saw pics of ceiling/wall light patterns, which made me wonder whether that could be a more affordable way to make a big impact (versus 45 blue uplights).

Actually, while I was looking for pictures to illustrate this post I stumbled across an image that has lots of the elements I'm describing.

Blue color-washed walls, accented specialty tables, and patterned white light for dimension.  Yayexciting!  I'm gonna send it over to the lighting guy and see what he thinks.

How will you incorporate lighting (artificial or au naturale) into your wedding?

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