Saturday, January 22, 2011

I'm Sorry. You're Out.

Auf Wiedersehen.  (And then Heidi would kiss our little nixed project and send it on its way.)  Oh yeah, you heard (read) that right - we cut our first scheduled wedding task! 

Mr. NM did some initial research into setting up a photo sharing site for our guests to post the pictures they take at all of our various wedding events.  But with all the questions to answer (which site, how to set it up, how to let guests know about it) and with some evidence that guests don't always utilize it as much as you might like, we decided we could let it go.

Our guests won't get to see cute little cards like that, and I won't get to craft them.  That said, I'm hoping they'll still think it's important to share their pictures with us and find ways to send them because I would really love to relive the day from their perspective. 

What task was the first to be cut from your list?  Or are you one of *those* couples who plans to do absolutely everything, come hell or high water?

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