Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'll Start (and Finish) That This Weekend

Where "that" = 84 paper garland strands.

{7 down, 89 more to go...}

And "this weekend" = your standard 48 hours where sleeping and eating (at minimum) most occur.

These kinds of statements are all-too-common in my life.  Something I've learned to acknowledge and admit about myself is that I significantly (and atrociously) underestimate how long tasks will take.  What inevitably will happen is that I get to the end of the weekend (or the work day, or the Tuesday) and there are still a lot of things left on my to-do list with little or no time to complete them. 

Cue freak out, paralysis, rushing, mistakes, clarity, lack of sleep, eventual task completion, rolling tasks over to the next week, or some combination of the above.  The cons of this approach are evident.  The pro, however, is that I can be amazingly productive under pressure. 

Mr. NM couldn't be more opposite.  He's a time over-estimater.  He takes on less tasks in the same amount of time than I do, but he always get his sh*t taken care of and he's able to go to bed on time.  Looking at our wedding to-do list, it's clear who created it (moi).  Apparently I spread it out with one big DIY project per month in addition to lots of other, smaller projects and I tried to frontload the work so that the big projects would be completed well before the wedding.  In my mind it looks like a totally manageable workload (even though we've never once finished all tasks slated for a particular month).  But Mr. NM has helped me to evaluate how unrealistic some of my expectations are.  Thank goodness he can be the voice of reason in deciding what we can reasonably accomplish and how we structure those tasks. 

Now that we're regularly over-hauling our planning timeline, we are SO on the 10-month (agh!) plan.

Do you have any suggestions or secrets for becoming more reaslistic in time estimations?  Help a woman out!

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