Friday, January 28, 2011

Dressing Inanimate Objects

What inanimate objects get dressed up for a wedding?  Tables and chairs, of course! 

                                   Naked                                                                  Fully Clothed
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And in true Ms. Meticulous fashion, I have decided to make this infinitely more difficult for myself.  Would you believe me if I told you that white or ivory floor-length tablecloths AND chair covers are INCLUDED in our wedding package?!  Of course you'd believe me.  Why would I lie to you about something like that?  I wouldn't. 

So now I know you'll also believe me when I say that I (oh, I of the "anything to make my life more complicated" mentality) will not be utilizing white or ivory floor-length tablecloths OR chair covers for our wedding reception.  And why is that?  Well, basically because I'm a moron with a sadistic streak.  That, or I've fallen victim to the gorgeousness that is images like this.

The ribbons say "fun" and "handmade" and "unique," while the gray tablecloths say "different" and "modern" and "I match your wedding colors."  I am a sucker for ribbons and for all things gray, so why not give them both a starring role at our wedding reception?  Besides, I'm just not a fan of white chair covers and white table linens.  For one, it's a little bright given that we're aiming for a City at Night feel.  For two, it's a little Traditional Ballroom Reception for my taste.  Yes, it's a little extra money for something that we otherwise wouldn't have to pay a penny for - I get that.  (And I'm starting to see a distinct theme with this whole "spending more money" thing...)  But I plan to go on the *cheap*cheap*cheap* with this project, which makes it much more do-able. 

I'm still sourcing table linen purchase/rental options, so I'll have to get back to you about that.  But we have finalized the ribbon portion of the project.  This past weekend Mr. NM and I went to Michael's and went nuts in the ribbon section.  I wish I had a picture of me accidentally unrolling 2 spools of ribbon all the way down-and-out the aisle while Mr. NM chased after.  Alas, all I have to offer you are these pictures of our painstakingly chosen coordinating ribbons hanging off the cart handle in front of a sheet of black cardstock. 

I'm opting to go with a set of only 4 ribbons hanging down the middle of the back of each chair rather than strung all the way across.  This way we keep our ribbon expense lower, and we increase the chances that whoever has to tie these ~320 knots will only want to kill us one-half or even one-third as much as they would have otherwise once we tell them this is the task we've assigned to them.  Mwahahahahaaaaaa!

The black, silver and white ribbon are coming from COD Wholesale, where I paid $53 (including shipping) for 200 yards each of 7/8" double-faced satin ribbon in black and silver, and 5/8" double-faced satin in white.  Then I found the black with white stitched grosgrain ribbon at, where 125 yards of 5/8" ribbon cost $20.  I had to pay shipping on top of that amount, so to maximize my order I added 3 other wedding-related items for roughly the same shipping cost, which worked  out to be about $2 per item. 

Total ribbon cost:  $75, or right about $1/chair.  With this much ribbon I'm ensuring that we have enough (we're planning on about 80 chairs), and it will leave us plenty of leftovers for other crafts potentially needing a ribbony touch.  Overall, I'm pretty darn pleased with myself. 

Is there anything you could have gotten for free, but you decided to spend extra money anyway?  Please tell me I'm not the only one...

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