Friday, December 10, 2010

Sock Debacle

You know you've officially lost your last marble when you have a meltdown over...  socks.  And yeah, I'll 'fess up to it.  I was totally devastated yesterday when my Express shopping cart notified me that the available quantity of the *perfect* wedding sock was now 0.  I called customer service and they weren't able to offer any help. They don't know if they'll get more in stock.  They don't track store inventory.  I'm welcome to call my local stores to see if they have it, but I'd have to be willing to go pick them up.  Little did she know that I'd already checked a local store with no luck.  Ugh...

And because I'm sure you're skeptical as to just how *perfect* a sock can be, I wanted to show you a picture of the damn things, but I can't even do that because it's not in stock and they took down the picture!!!  Here's the closest I can give you (and you'll have to mentally replace the purple with a beautiful cobalt blue):

I know what you're thinkging:  "How utterly devastating, Ms. M!  They're perfect - so perfect that you will clearly never be able to find another sock to rival it.  What in the world are you going to do?!  You must be kicking yourself that you didn't buy them the minute you found them." 

And I can't even argue with you because you're so right.  They would have been perfect.  I won't be able to find more perfect socks than those socks.  I don't know what I'm going to do.  And I cannot believe that I didn't buy them right away.  To make matters worse, I let Mr. NM talk me out of buying them online right away because he wanted to see them in person first, and he convinced me that I was crazy to think something as basic as socks would ever sell out, much less sell out quickly. 


(deep breath, deep breath)  Generally I think he might be right about me - that I'm overly anxious sometimes, especially about seemingly small things, and that I feel too much pressure to cross stuff off my list ASAP. 

But this is why I do it!!!  So I don't have to be plagued with the frustration and disappointment that happens when I put things off and then miss out on something!  Needless to say, this situation provides all the reinforcement I need to assure me that the anxious, over-controlled way I manage my life is the *right* way to live.  Thanks a lot, Express.

Please pretty please cross your fingers for me that these damn socks will be re-stocked.  Because I miss my last marble.

What was the most ridiculous meltdown you've ever had?

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