Friday, December 17, 2010


If anyone ever asks me why I am light-years-beyond-certain that Mr. NM is the right guy for me, I will show them this picture:

Yes, oh yes, Mr. NM tracked down eight pairs of the holy grail socks!!  (For backstory, see here.)  I'd had a really emotionally tough couple of weeks (including my sock-related meltdown) when Mr. NM told me that he had a "wonderful and thrilling surprise" for me because he thought I "could use a boost."  He knew that seeing these ridiculously elusive socks would make my day, and he was so, so right!

They don't take away the other stresses of my life, but they do make me giddily joyful in a way that socks probably shouldn't - though it's really not the socks that are doing it.  What makes me smile and brings me great comfort is this simple but extraordinary enactment of Mr. NM's love for me.  He saw I was hurting and he made special efforts to relieve my pain in a way he knew would be meaningful to me.  There's certainly a place in relationships for grand romantic gestures, but it's these every day kindnesses that really count in my book. 

What do simple but extraordinary enactments of love look like in your relationship?

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