Monday, December 13, 2010

Please Wipe Your Mouth With My Quilt

I would never call myself a seamstress, but I've dabbled with a sewing maching for several years now.  I can totally handle the basic stuff - pillows, kid costumes, curtains, etc.  And I'm hoping that cloth napkins fall into the "basic" category, because all the napkins at our wedding reception will be handsewn by yours truly.  We picked out some super-fun fabrics, which are now just waiting around for me to bust out the ol' Singer. 

{2 white/white prints, 2 white/black, 1 gray/white, 2 gray/black, 2 black/white, 2 black/gray}

We bought 11 fabrics, but we only plan to use 10 of them depending on how the colors pan out.  I tried to look up measurements of dinner napkins and I found numbers anywhere from 16 - 24 inches.  In order to minimize cost, we decided to go with ~17" napkins so that we could get four napkins from each yard of fabric.  We bought two yards of each fabric, so that's eight napkins total, times ten fabrics = 80 napkins.  That will leave a few to spare.  Once I get to sewing these beauties, I'll write up a tutorial.  I'm thinking of following this one

After people have substantially abused our napkins through such disgusting means as... wiping their mouths, we will wash them, press them, and send them to my grandmother.  She has agreed to make us a keepsake quilt out of our napkins!!!  I'm so excited for this part, because my grandmother is an amazing quilter.  In fact, she has her own long-arm quilting maching that takes up a sizeable portion of her dining room.  It looks kinda like this.

Amazing, no?   And there's so much inspiration for black and white quilts, that I don't know how we'll choose a design.  I'm sure we'll consult with her to see what she thinks would work best with our fabrics.  But here are some options we might consider.

Living in a one bedroom house, Mr. NM and I have learned not to be overly sentimental about our belongings.  We can't fall in love with too many things because we simply don't have anywhere to put them.  That makes a wedding quilt the ideal keepsake - it's beautiful, memory-filled, and totally functional.  In fact, while we were paring down the potential wedding tchotchkes we might end up with, we thought, "Why not make the keepsake quilt our version of a guestbook?!"  And that's exactly what we're going to do.  Outside the reception room we plan to have a large table set up with several 1-yard panels of fabric (enough to make the backing for a queen- or king-sized quilt) and some permanent fabric pens so people can sign our guest quilt! 

It already feels like our guest quilt is going to be the sentimental-est keepsake ever, and maybe that's why I'm so antsy to get started on it!  Of all the projects on the list, this is one that I refuse to let slip through the cracks due to time constraints.  (Although to be honest, I feel pretty unwilling to let go of *anything* due to time constraints right now.  But check back with me in a couple months and we'll see if I'm singing the same tune.)

What wedding projects are you most excited about?

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