Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Life Imitates Wedding

Each year since we've been together, Mr. NM and I pick a "theme" for our holiday tree by sticking with a particular color scheme for all of the ornaments and (sometimes) the wrapping paper.  Admittedly, this tradition is primarily driven by me, but Mr. NM has become a willing participant.  This year, there's something about our tree that's just the tiniest bit familiar...

{the tree Mr. NM calls "our best ever"}

We could plunk this tree down at our wedding and it would fit right in! (Except for the actual tree part, which wouldn't really fit in at the beginning of November.  But you know I wasn't talking about the tree... sheesh!)  I really thought this was going to be the year we had a white tree with brightly colored neon ornaments, but when we arrived at Target and layed eyes on the black/white/silver multi-packs, we were sold.  I almost wanted to save these until next year because I thought it would be nice to re-live our wedding colors during the holidays (only 6 weeks after the wedding!), but we couldn't stop ourselves.  We had a brief debate over whether to include the cobalt blue somehow, but in the end we opted to keep it simple. 

It's a lotta gorgeous, a little bit modern, interestingly unique, deceptively simplistic in appearance, heavy on the chic, and completely *us* -  just like we hope our wedding will be.

What are the ways that your wedding style has crept into other areas of your life?

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