Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What Weddings Cost has this to say about weddings in our zip code:

"On average, couples that live in or travel to San Francisco, CA spend between $30,067 and $50,111 total for Average Cost. You should expect to pay, on average, 50% to 100%+ more when choosing well-experienced professionals, designer labels, popular event locations, unique or custom products and services."

That makes it sound like spending $30,000 (a friggin' boatload of money, if you ask me) on a wedding in San Francisco means you get to have inexperienced professionals, no name brands, unpopular locations, and run-of-the-mill / non-customized products and services.

I just don't believe it. I can't believe it, and I won't believe it.

I don't need to have the very best of everything on our wedding day - because we certainly don't have the very best of everything in our everyday lives. But I do value quality and experience, and I definitely prioritize uniqueness. So Mr. NM and I are having a lot of conversations about finding the balance between celebrating in a special way and not spending excessively. Of course "excessive" is relative to each person, isn't it? And we do get stuck there sometimes. But I think in general we have the same goals when it comes to wedding-related expenses. Neither of us want to rack up any debt, so we only want to spend what we can save. And neither of us wants to look back and think, "Why the hell did we spend so much on a single event?!"

We're also finding that some things are "worth it" to one person and are totally "not worth it" to the other. To be honest, I'm usually the "worth it" person, and that's okay. There will likely be some wedding expenses that I pay for myself, out of my own paycheck, because they're important enough to me to spend my money on. Maybe Mr. NM will do that as well, and maybe he won't. That's okay, too. Every productive financial conversation we have about the wedding increases the chances that we'll be able to handle financial stresses in the future. So what's good for our wedding is good for our relationship!

If you follow along, you'll see how we try to stay under the San Francisco average cost without giving up quality, experience, or uniqueness!

What budget number did you try to avoid during your wedding planning?

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