Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mad Hot Ballroom

(Did you see the movie?  So good!)

When I revealed our venue here, I mentioned how we're hoping to create a non-"traditional ballroom reception" reception.  I wanna elucidate on that a little bit.

So what do I mean by traditional ballroom receptions?  Here's what I picture when I hear that phrase.

Clearly there are so many ways to be "hotel ballroom" lovely.  And yet, as you know, my eye wanders to these very non-ballroom images.

Notice any similarities amongst these pictures?  If you said "outdoor weddings," then you win the prize!  Yes, the style of decoration that we love the most is primarily found in outdoor weddings (or at least blogland pictures of outdoor weddings).  If your answer to the above question was "colorful!" then you also win the prize.  All these fun handmade details are saturated with color, color, and more color.

Yet we're having a hotel ballroom wedding with a color scheme of black, white, charcoal gray, light gray, and cobalt blue.  Indoor wedding---muted color scheme.  Almost sounds like a description of those top photos, huh?  Therein lies the rub.  We're trying to work out how you seamlessly integrate all these different features in a cool eclectic way rather than a randomly thrown together way.  In my mind's eye I can totally see it all coming together brilliantly, but it's ridiculously hypothetical at this point.  2+ years of trolling wedding blogs has not yielded many images that realistically illustrate how we could use the decorative elements we love in a venue like ours.  But as you know, I'm stubborn and perfectionistic to my very core - so I can't be stopped!  We're gonna make it open, just you wait and see.

Anyone else have a hard time envisioning how the decorations you love will translate into the venue you chose?

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