Sunday, November 28, 2010

Forgotten Inspiration

We made the final decisions about our wedding colors exactly a year before we got engaged.  Yep, you heard that right - wedding colors first, engagement ring second.  That's how we roll!  I happen to know for certain that it was a year before we got engaged because my inspiration board document is dated May 30, 2009 and we got engaged May 23, 2010.  How *crazy* is that?!  I think my purpose at the time for creating an inspiration board was to gather together images representing both the colors and the mood we were going for.  Just for kicks, let's take a look at that board shall we?

{my sincere apologies that I don't recall the sources for any of these pictures}

It's so interesting to look back at this picture and think about how our wedding style has both evolved and remained constant over the past year.  For instance, I remain head-over-heels for all of the attire I included on this board - wedding gown, suit, wedding party dress, shoes - everything!  I'm still crazy for the anenomes and the mix-and-match black/white patterns make my heart skip a beat.  I'm not so sure about the Moroccan-style lamps, the feathers, the white linens with blue sashes, or the ornamental cake decoration.  And clearly we were thinking that we'd have more of a general paisley theme than we're going for now. 

Looking at the board as a whole, the overall style feels a lot less modern, doesn't it?  I'm so very much in love with the wedding that lives in my head right now, that I hope it doesn't go through many more changes in the next year.  Maybe that's wishful thinking...  But since I'm pretty sure I won't be making another inspiration board, at least I won't have photographic evidence of any changes that do happen!

How did your wedding style evolve over time?

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