Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fonts and Fonts and More Fonts

Mr. NM and I sat down last night to talk fonts (and fonts and more fonts).  Both of us have been slowly working on a couple of projects that are almost entirely stalled because we can't get it together and pick a typeface (or 2 or 3 or 4) that works for us.  Turns out that it's super difficult to design paper goods without picking fonts!  On top of that, it's nearly impossible when two people are working on separate projects and are gravitating towards separate font choices.

On a side note, Mr. NM has commented multiple times on how shocked he is by the thought and planning that goes into choosing fonts, given that he usually sees font choice as a purely practical decision.  And I actually agree with him on this point.  I love fonts, and I've downloaded literally hundreds of free fonts over the years to use in various projects.  But I've never tried to hone in on a "suite" of fonts that not only work well together but also convey a very specific feeling for a very special day. I'm both overwhelmed by the options at the same time that I'm feeling like I want more options.  ugh...  hate that...

What we've deduced so far is that we need fonts for at least 4 specific purposes:

1)  For the 1's.  Our wedding date of 11.11.11 will likely be prominently displayed throughout all our wedding materials, so we want some stellar number 1's to showcase.  But these stellar numbers also need to gel with the vibe of all the, ya know, words.

{L-R from the top: A Yummy Apology, Broadway, Cooper Black, Courier New, Ding Dong Daddyo NF, Freebooter Script, Gill Sans Ultrabold, HardlyWorthit, Incarnation, Jasmine UPC, Jolly, Kingthings Wrote, Long Cool Woman, Oravetica Outline, Saginaw, Stencil, Uni Tortred, Verticalization, Wide Latin}

2)  The ampersand.  We just love the funky, modern, simple vibe of the ampersand.  But we're thinking we should choose an ampersand that fits with our fonts, rather than the other way around.

3)  Making a statement.  There are so many fanfreakingtastic types of type out there, and we're trying to narrow the field by sticking to the *feel* we're after.  But we love so many different styles and it's not always easy to tell when eclectic font choices will work and when they'll just end up looking like a kindergarden project.

{Top-Bottom: MA Sexy, Murray Hill, Saginaw, SedonaScriptFLF, QuigleyWiggly, BlackJack, Kingthings Wrote}

4)  Something basic.  As much as I love a good statement font, you just can't use those fonts for large blocks of text.  But I fear we've again done things backwards by choosing a basic font before we've decided on a statement font.


Now that I've written all that out, did anyone else notice how each item ends with a "but" statement?  I wish I could say that was intentional, but it so wasn't.  It's just a little window into how conflicted I am about... fonts, of all things.  This does not bode well for the rest of my wedding planning adventures.

 I'm not crazy - fonts are a big deal, right?  And totally worth all this effort?

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