Friday, November 5, 2010

*Feel* Up Our Wedding

NO No no, I don't mean copping a feel.  I'm talking about the *feel* of the day.  For 3 years now I've been seriously contemplating our wedding, and in that time I've fallen in love with a lot of different wedding styles.  Here is an oh-so-very-brief sampling of some of the different *feels* that have caught my eye:






There is so much to love about each of these styles, and as our wedding comes together I'm sure elements from many different *feels* will work their way into our overall wedding design.  But as an abiding aesthetic, Mr. NM and I found ourselves drawn to one particular *feel* time and time again.  

The *feel* we love is, in a word, modern.  In more than a word, I would further describe the *feel* as urban loft-ish, fun, and casual-chic.  That's the way we plan to *feel* up our wedding.

What wedding aesthetic do you gravitate towards?

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