Saturday, October 2, 2010

Review: Chabo's Jewelry in San Francisco

If you haven't yet read my post The Ring Part 3: Changes, go do it now - especially the bottom half. 

Back so soon?  Fabulous!  Now you know why I'd want to write a glowing review of this guy and his business:

Rafi at work (picture nabbed from their Yelp page)

I had nothing do to with finding the jeweler who created my ring (if you can believe that!).  My fiance did all the legwork on that end, and he found Chabo's on Yelp.  76 positive reviews and an average of 5 stars can't be wrong.  In fact, we'll be going back there to get our weddings rings!

Here are the top 3 reasons to go to consider using Chabo's for your big purchase:

1)  The service.

Rafi (picture stolen from their Yelp page)

From what I understand, Rafi and Luba made Mr. NM feel like part of the family.  Unlike pushy salespeople, they really took the time to educate him about the materials and the process.  They offered advice and suggestions then empowered him to make final decisions about the ring he was creating.  Furthermore, they were also wonderful to us when I approached them with my concerns.  They were excited to meet me and they were genuinely happy to be a part of our engagement. 

2)  The price.

When Mr. NM approached Chabo's about creating this ring, he went into it with a very specific budget in mind.  He quickly found out that they were just as invested as he was in creating the ring he wanted within his budget - without settling for less.  I personally know this to be the case because Mr. NM and I actually went together to a jeweler who talked to us about the cost of creating this ring.  Mr. NM said he was starting to look for jewelers (lie!) and he wanted to "listen to me talk about the ring" (double lie!).  Really he just wanted my ring size and to throw me off track a bit because he'd already contracted with Chabo's and ordered the center stone.  This other jeweler told us there was "no way" to create the exact ring I wanted within our budget without significantly decreasing the size of the center stone.  For the exact ring I had designed, he quoted us a price that was at least $2000 more (before sales tax) than the quote Mr. NM received from Chabo's. 

In the interest of full disclosure, I will reiterate here that Mr. NM did end up spending $500 more than his original budget.  This is because Rafi was able to find the *perfect* center stone (even more perfect than I had planned for!), but it would have put the ring $1000 over budget.  So get this...  Rafi offered to SPLIT the extra $1000 with Mr. NM because he said he knew the final product would be exquisite.  WTF?!  A jeweler put $500 of his own money towards my ring because he knew it was the absolute best stone for the overall design?!  I can't even believe it.  I blew my own mind just writing it.

3) Peace of mind

I can't believe we didn't know it before we went in to request those changes, but now knowing that they will stand behind their worksmanship for the life of the ring...  well, that guarantee is worth its weight in beautifully hand-cut bezel-set diamonds!  The Mr. and I are big online shoppers, but this is one area where it's been really great to have a personal relationship with a seller.  As I said before, we already know we're going back to Rafi and Luba for our wedding rings, and I'm sure we'll be back in the future if we have other need for fine jewelry (and I kinda hope we do!).

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