Friday, October 22, 2010

How to Clean Your Bling

After getting my engagement ring, I attempted to clean it with every possible cleaning instrument I could find around my house - an old toothbrush, my Clarisonic Mia, old tiny makeup applicators - you name it!  I was also engaging (ha! a pun!) in this ritualistic cleaning about every other day.  We've all been there, right? 

Well, now I have a better system.  I got some great tips from a guy who seriously knows his jewelry.  That guy was our appraisor, and he shared this sage advice with me when we went to have the ring appraised for insurance.  (Sidenote PSA:  Have you had your ring appraised and added to your insurance yet?  If not, stop reading right here and now, and don't begin again until you've had it done.  I mean it.  It's that important!  *ahem*  And now we return to your previously scheduled programming.)

He told me that the best way to clean my ring was to use a baby toothbrush and regular handsoap plus some warm water, and to do that no more than once per week (so as not to loosen the stones).  And man-oh-man was he right!  So here's a little pictorial guide to cleaning your bling!

First, gather your supplies - baby toothbrush, handsoap, warm water.  And don't forget to close the stopper in the sink!

 Bonus points if the cheapest baby toothbrush was on sale for 99 cents and it happens to light up!

Put the handsoap on the toothbrush.

Clean the top and sides of the ring.

Then put the toothbrush inside the ring and clean underneath.  (This is the part a regular toothbrush or a Clarisonic or whatever just didn't excel at.)

Because the underside of my ring has so many nooks and crannies, I pay special attention to getting the bristles into all those tiny crevices.

Rinse under warm running water.

Dry off with a towel.

And then I've noticed I have to blow slightly towards the bottom of the center stone because water collects there that can't be reach by a towel.  (Please excuse the closeup of my camera!)

And we'll let the evidence speak for itself!

    Before                                                                       After

Who else has tried crazy methods of jewelry cleaning?

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