Friday, October 29, 2010

Getting Things In Order

Mr. NM and I may have done things a bit out of order in regards to our relationship trajectory (see here), and we may have made some wedding decisions in an order that was a little wonky (see here) - but when it came to the wedding details that I've been *living* for, I was all about creating order out of chaos.  Months ago I put together a wedding planning timeline that clearly laid out the specific tasks that needed to be accomplished during each of the 17 (at the time) months leading up to the wedding.  I did this so that I wouldn't leave everything until the last minute, because I have a real penchant for procrastination.  I also did this so that I could have the peace of mind that comes from looking at a, dare I say, *meticulous* accounting of every possible detail and knowing that everything has been planned for and will be taken care of. 

So what the f*ck happened???  I sat down several weeks ago to begin designing the layout for some DIY cocktail napkins, and I got stuck.  It wasn't as easy as I'd thought it would be so I tried to focus on other things for a bit.  A week or so later Mr. NM began to put together a program design and his ideas were kinda freakin' awesome.  I felt inspired to get back to the napkins until - dun dun duuuun - I went ballistic over fonts.

I didn't know what fonts to use for the napkins... because I didn't know what fonts to use for the programs... because I didn't know what fonts we would use for the invitations... because I didn't know if any of those fonts should match the Save the Date fonts.  My head was spinning.

I purposely put the cocktail napkins earlier in the massive 17 month-long to-do list because I thought they'd be a fun little detail that I could just crank out and check off my list.  It didn't even occur to me that in some crafty-cosmic manner those napkins might be inextricably linked with other projects.  And now I worry that I'm at a permanent stand-still.  My list brought me comfort - made me feel less frenetic and more in control.  I know this sounds irrational, but I worry what will become of me in the time it takes me to retool the list.  Or perhaps there are other options I just haven't thought of yet.

Any suggestions for what I should do at this particular stand-still?

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