Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Who is that girl?

And why is this such a difficult question to answer?  I think it's probably because I work as a clinical psychologist, which makes me intensely aware of the complexity of people - myself included.  Then of course there's the decision between providing your run-of-the-mill basic and brief description versus the more accurate-but-long-winded version of the story.  I'm opting to start with the basics, and as I get to know my "blogging self" (and potentially my blogging audience?) better, then perhaps I'll provide more of the juicy backstory.  ;-)

Born and raised as a Georgia peach,
I got in touch with my inner Yankee during college,

and then became a California Girl for grad school. 

Coming to San Francisco felt like coming home, and I've made damn sure to put down roots here so I had a good excuse to stay.  My fiance and I live in a postage stamp-sized place with our two dogs, Patches and Eli. 

Eli (left) and Patches (right)

I'm more of a homebody than I like to admit, but it's because I really do enjoy the things my house has to offer.  Namely, a computer that feeds my internet addition (email! blogs! eBay! Craigslist! and so much more!) and a cozy craft space I carved out of a corner in our basement storage space.

Yay for colorful, relatively well-organized creative spaces, even if they're tiny!

I love spending time in my craft space, aka the "tiny time machine." I don't know how it happens, but going down there seems to bend the time-space continuum such that by the time I get upstairs, an ungodly number of hours have passed by without warning.  I'm sure that's the reason, right?  I mean, the only other explanation is that something about being down there means that my projects take 3x as long as expected to complete.  And I know for sure that's not the case. Because I know for sure that I can be both ridiculously detail-oriented AND amazingly efficient.  Happens all the time. 
... in my mind.

Additional fun details about me:  I'm optimistic, funny, and love to be social.  I have really wonderful friends.  I think I'm pretty non-traditional.  I love my amazing fiance more every day.  I truly enjoy my work.  I love ellipses and parentheses and hyphens (pretty much all the punctuation marks that will let me continue with ridiculously run-on sentences without the point being completely lost in all my wordiness).  And my fiance says that I should list my hobbies as "planning the future" and "running the numbers" (not mutually exclusive). 

Not enough?  You want a picture, too?  Geez... so pushy!  Okay okay fine - just spare me the critiques, k?

In Golden Gate Park's Japenese Tea Garden   (I'm the one in the bottom half of the picture.  :-)

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