Sunday, September 12, 2010

Welcome to the experiment!

I would say "hello" here...

... (and I guess technically I just did), but it's totally strange and awkward to write as if there's some kind of audience to read this.  Let's be real - it's just me and this computer sceen right now.  But I have high hopes that perhaps there are other people out there like me who slave away over, and want to connect with others around, the silly little minute but oh-so-terribly important details of life.  For me those details are pretty situation-specific, as in they change over time depending on what's going on in my life. 

Right now, there's one life situation in particular whose details are simply all-consuming.  Want some hints?  It's 7 letters and rhymes with "zedding."  Too easy?  Yeah, you're no fool.  It's my wedding.  I'm currently 14 months out, and yet I still feel somewhat stressed about being able to get everything done in time.  Why, you ask?  Because I'm...  well, crazy!  (I'm a psychologist, so I can use that word.  And I know crazy!)  Because I've spent countless hours of my life reading wedding blogs and getting a zillion wonderful, beautiful, must-have-them-at-our-big-day-or-else-our-day-will-suck ideas.  Here's a (ridiculously small) sampling of what's consuming me:

DIY Paper Flowers

DIY Candle Centerpieces


DIY Personalized Cocktail Napkins

DIY Dinner Napkins

DIY Paper Pinwheels

DIY Dessert Buffet

DIY Candy Buffet

DIY Invitations

That's A LOT of DIY!  And the truth is, I love love love the process of searching for these ideas, organizing the ideas into perfectly titled folders within my "wedding inspiration" folder, purchasing all the fun components necessary to make the idea a reality, getting up to my elbows in paper/glue/fabric/ribbon/whathaveyou, scrutinizing over every itty bitty detail, wondering if something being off-center by 1/32nd of an inch will be noticeable to anyone else but me, finally completing the project, and then stepping back and admiring my fantabulous creation! (whew! take a breath!)

So that's my life right now, those are the details that consume me, and that's where my meticulousness currently resides.  Not to say there aren't other areas where it rears it's useful-but-ugly head (because there certainly are), but the "zedding" will likely be my focus right now.

There's way more to say about this (which is probably why I started this blog, huh?), but I'll conclude this post here.  Next up: who is this detail-obsessed woman, anyway?

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