Saturday, September 18, 2010

The History of Us

If I'm going to write about our wedding planning process, then it only seems right to start with a brief history of my not-so-brief relationship with my amazing fiance (a.k.a. "lovemuffin," "muffintop," just plain "muffin," or the least embarassing pet name - "love").  As I'm writing this I'm realizing that I'm gonna need to give the Mr. a blog name as well because he's WAY more interested in his personal privacy than I am.  I came up with several hilarious (to me) options, but I've chosen to keep his name closely related to mine.  Trust me when I say that when my Mr. first met his Ms. Meticulous, he totally could have been known as Mr. I-don't-know-what-meticulous-means-nor-am-I-even-remotely-interested-in-finding-out-especially-if-it-means-I-will-have-to-give-up-a-single-iota-of-my-bachelor-existence (including the pool table in the living room, the futon bed, the cracked leather dog chair, or the Fight Club poster). 


Um, major oops there cuz that's so not short, is it?  Alright alright, for simplicity's sake let's just say we'll call him Mr. Not Meticulous, or Mr. NM. 

Now back to the beginning...

Halloween 2005
On the night Mr. NM and I first got together (I believe we called it "hooking up" at the time.  Am I showing my age there?  Do the kids still use that term?)  this is what I looked like.  Unfortunately I don't have pictures of his Hugh Hefner costume, but suffice it to say that we were an interesting pair!  Our getting together came as a complete surprise to me because we'd been friends for several months at that point.  I thought we'd been on a few "real" dates, but apparently he was unaware of this.  (I mean, come on!  You picked me up and took me to dinner.  I asked you to take off your overshirt so I could see your tattoos.  I was all cuted-up in my favoritest clothes.  Ugh... Whatevs, I'm over it.)

After a few months, it was clear there was some staying power to the relationship.  Don't we look happy?

I was in grad school at the time and he was a senior in college.  Part of graduate training for a psychologist is to complete a year-long internship, and often you have to move to find a position that fits your needs.  So around the 1-year mark, we had to have some tough conversations about what would happen if our relationship became long-distance and whether our relationship was serious enough to move (and move-in) together. 

Beautiful Hawaii
SF Pride
At a friend's wedding

Luckily I was placed with an internship that would allow us to move an hour outside of San Francisco, and I would commute to my internship while Mr. NM commuted to grad school (he ended up going to the same grad school as I did!). 

Mr - far right and Me - 2nd from right (plus other wedding party members! yay!)

Pretty soon I had graduated,

Just call me Dr.!

and we had purchased a little postage-stamp of a home (our first home!) in San Francisco, the city that we love!
Postage stamp located on the front half of the top floor.

Now we've come full circle a bit, because Mr. NM is on his internship this year, which makes me the official family breadwinner.  As hard as we fought to put down roots in San Francisco, it's been strange for us to realize that most of our friends have, for a variety of reasons, moved away from SF.  Plus we both commute ~1 hour each way to our jobs.  But we both continue to feel like this city is "ours" and that we wouldn't want to be anywhere else. 

We don't consider ourselves traditional AT ALL, so this "out of order" relationship history of buying a home together long before we were engaged is perfectly, blissfully fitting for us.

Of course, like any story, there's always more to tell - and I will, don't worry! - but I'll leave it here for now. 

Did anyone else do things "out of order" like we did?

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